D-Cracking (Durability Cracking) – Cause & Prevention

Durablity Cracking in Concrete Slab

D-Cracking (Durability Cracking) –  Cause & Prevention Summary D-cracking is cracking in concrete pavements caused by freeze-thaw cycles deteriorating the aggregate in concrete.  Water naturally accumulates at the base and sub-base layers under concrete.  When this water suffers from freeze-thaw cycles it wears on the durability of the concrete and begins to crack in the … Read more

What are Properties of Hardened Concrete|Governing Factors

Bridge Pier Substructure

Properties of Hardened Concrete Properties of hardened concrete are explained on the basis of its Strength and Performance under various types of force actions and conditions. Main parameters that are used to define the strength of concrete are Compressive Strength: Compressive strength of concrete is usually defined as characteristic compressive strength (fcu / fck). Which … Read more