Analysis of Structure Supported By Elastic Foundation – Foundation Models

Deformation Of A Uniformly Loaded Plate On Typical Winkler Model

Analysis of Structure Supported By Elastic Foundation Soil Structure Interaction Soil is a very complex material for the modeling. It is very difficult to model the soil-structure interaction problem. In RCC buildings slab on grade is a very common construction system e.g. mat footing Very heavy slab loads occur in these structures. For safe and … Read more

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In Creation we stand next to god. Making this world an eco friendly place to live is a tacit agreement between the prophet and civil engineers. A nearly impossible dream like this can be turned into a reality by close interactions of civil engineers’ community from all over the world.

Civil Engineering Students, MNIT, Jaipur introduces ““ as an initiative to realize the close interaction of civil community and permanently root our stand in creation.

Knowledge is the beginning of any loose thread being sewn to revolutionize mother earth. It grows when it is shared. And the discussions lead to the intellectual growth.

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