Green Building Innovation Seminar PPT

Green Building

A Look Ahead on Green Building Innovation ( Seminar PPT) Industrialization has been coupled with increasing harmful effects to the environment in the past. Call for changes were extended, beginning from set-up protests up to constitutional enactments. Several bodies agree to it, and one of them was the construction industry where practices have shifted to … Read more

Green Buildings for Quality Living | Merits | Criteria

Green Building

Green Buildings for Quality Living Introduction Green buildings are eco-friendly, resource efficient and are very energy efficient and are designed and commissioned to ensure they are healthy for its occupants. They are more comfortable and easier to live with due to low operating and owning costs. Merits Lower operating costs (by 30%- 40%) Improve occupant … Read more

Building a Green Capital City – City of Madison

Building a Green Capital City: The Natural Step to Madison’s Sustainable Design and Energy Future The City of Madison, WI launched a program in 2004 to become a green capital city and a leader in sustainable design and energy. The city is leading by example and encouraging businesses and residents to follow suit. Madison adopted … Read more

Building a Green Future – Green Buildings

Building a Green Future – Green Buildings Green Buildings, Finding ways to stimulate demand for new, more environmentally friendly buildings, power facilities and factories will deliver significant environmental benefits. At the same time, investing in new public infrastructure will ease pollution-causing traffic congestion and ensure safe and healthy supplies of drinking water for decades to … Read more