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Biological Processes for wastewater treatment

Biological Processes for wastewater treatment OUTLINE OF PRESENTATION An overview of biological wastewater treatment. Important aspects in microbial metabolism. Principal organisms responsible for wastewater treatment. key factors governing biological growth and waste  treatment kinetics. BIOLOGICAL PRINCIPLES OF WASTE WATER TREATMENT Biological TP: a method of contact between microbes and substrate. Suitable temperature, pH, nutrients etc.… Read More »

Distillery Industry Wastewater Treatment

Distillery Industry Wastewater Treatment Introduction Production of ethyl alcohol in distilleries based on cane sugar molasses. The world’s total production of alcohol from cane molasses is more than13 million m3/annum. The 295 distilleries in India produce 2.7 billion litres of alcohol and generating 40 billion litres of wastewater annually. The enormous distillery wastewater has potential… Read More »