What are the advantages of Integral Bridge over Bearing System in Bridges?

Series of integral concrete arches

Advantages of piers constructed monolithically, i.e. integral bridges with the bridge deck over usage of bearings? Integral Bridge, piers constructed monolithically with the bridge deck are advantageous in the following ways: Bearing replacement is one of the direct cost involved in the maintenance of bridges, and the one which worries the contractors. Using integral bridge … Read more

De Oversteek Bridge – A Unique Tied-Arch Bridge

De Oversteek Bridge

De Oversteek Bridge – A Unique Tied-Arch Bridge Heavy traffic in the city of Nijmegen made it necessary to construct an alternative route to cross the river Waal, De Oversteek bridge is a part of a new city by-pass. Bridge was able to satisfy city request of five lane crossing with a two lane-cycle path … Read more