Mat Foundation & Raft Foundation Advantages, Applications, Types, Construction Process and Design Methodology

Mat foundation

Mat Foundation A mat foundation, also known as a raft foundation, is a type of shallow combined foundation which uses a large reinforced concrete slab-on-grade that transfers the entire weight of the structure to the subgrade. It works by dispersing load over much larger area on the ground when compared to discrete shallow isolated foundations. … Read more

Building Analysis on Staad with different Soil Conditions – Analytical Study

Building Analysis on Staad with Raft Foundations

Seminar on Building Analysis on Staad with Raft Foundations – By Ankit Suri , Supervised By Dr.S.K. Tiwari Problem Definition And Structural Modelling STRUCTURAL MODEL Three-dimensional structure is modeled for the analysis utilizing the STAAD Pro software. The plan dimensions of the building are 34.92 m x 16.85 m. The Structure has 10 (G+9) stories … Read more