Response Spectrum Analysis in STAAD explanation Video

Response Spectrum Analysis in STAAD explanation Video Methodology The design lateral shear force at each floor in each mode is computed by STAAD in accordance with the IS: 1893 (Part 1) -2002 (equation and Qik = Ak*fik*Pk*Wi STAAD utilizes the following procedure to generate the lateral seismic loads. User provides the value for … Read more

STAAD Pro v8i Advanced Training Series

STAAD.Pro v8i Advanced Training Series •Seismic Analysis Using UBC And IBC Codes •Static Seismic Analysis Method on STAAD Pro v8i as per IS1983 – 2002 •Calculating Mode Shapes, Frequencies And Participation factors •Response Spectrum Analysis •Time History analysis of a structure for seismic accelerations •P-Delta Analysis •Buckling Load analysis

STAAD Pro. v8i Video Tutorials (Step by Step)

STAAD.Pro V8i Fundamentals   Model Generation a) Navigating the STAAD.Pro Graphical User Interfaceb) Creating Structure Geometryc) Editing Structure Geometryd) Viewing Structure Geometry Property Assignmenta) Creating groups to quickly select groups of elementsb) Assigning sections and beta angles to structural membersc) Assigning specifications to nodes and membersd) Assigning supports to nodes Model Loading and Analysis a) … Read more