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Presentation on Response Spectrum Analysis as per Indian Code in Staad Pro

Presentation on Response  Spectrum  Analysis as per Indian Code Methodology –  The design lateral shear force at each floor in each mode is computed by STAAD in accordance with the IS: 1893 (Part 1) -2002 (equation and STAAD utilizes the following procedure to generate the lateral seismic loads. User provides the value for … Read More »

Building Analysis on Staad with different Soil Conditions – Analytical Study

Seminar on Building Analysis on Staad with Raft Foundations – By Ankit Suri , Supervised By Dr.S.K. Tiwari Problem Definition And Structural Modelling STRUCTURAL MODEL Three-dimensional structure is modeled for the analysis utilizing the STAAD Pro software. The plan dimensions of the building are 34.92 m x 16.85 m. The Structure has 10 (G+9) stories… Read More »

STAAD Pro v8i Advanced Training Series

STAAD.Pro v8i Advanced Training Series •Seismic Analysis Using UBC And IBC Codes •Static Seismic Analysis Method on STAAD Pro v8i as per IS1983 – 2002 •Calculating Mode Shapes, Frequencies And Participation factors •Response Spectrum Analysis •Time History analysis of a structure for seismic accelerations •P-Delta Analysis •Buckling Load analysis