Axial Capacity of Steel Column or Strut

steel column in an industry

Capacity of Steel Column Columns are those structural elements which predominantly carries axial compression in a structural system. In steel construction, the column is the vertical member which is subjected to axial load and strut is the inclined member subjected to the same. Steel is a very strong material but it does lead to slender … Read more

A presentation on Strut and Tie Models (S T M)

Strut and Tie

A presentation on Strut and Tie Models (S-T-M) •Introduction •Development •Design Methodology •IS and ACI provisions •Applications –Deep beams –Corbels –Beam-column joints •Hydrostatic state of stress –Nodal zone dimensions proportional to the applied compressive forces –One dimension by the bearing area –Other two, for a constant level of stress ‘p’ –Preselected strut dimensions , non … Read more