Design of Trickling Filters & Common Operational Issues

Attached Growth Trickling Filters

Types of Trickling Filters & Common Operational Issues by Pankaj Bansal What is a trickling filter?? Trickling filter is a type of waste water treatment process, which is an attached growth process. In this process the microorganisms responsible for digestion are attached to an inert filter material. This Packing material can be rock, gravel, sand and … Read more

Trickling Filters & Advantages

Trickling Filters

Trickling Filters What Are Trickling Filters? •Fixed media treatment system •Waste water is distributed over media colonised by micro-organisms •Consists of a  bed of highly permeable media •An under drainage system important both as a  collection unit  &  as  porous structure •Biological community: •Aerobic •Anaerobic •Facultative •Fungi Process Organic material from liquid is adsorbed onto … Read more