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Sprinkler Irrigation | Sprinkler Irrigation PPT | Types | Suitable Soils

Sprinkler Irrigation Introduction Sprinkler Irrigation is a method of applying irrigation water which is similar to rainfall. Pressurized irrigation through devices called sprinklers. Sprinklers are usually located on pipes called laterals. Suitable slopes Sprinkler irrigation is adaptable to any farmable slope, whether uniform or undulating. Suitable soil Sprinklers are best suited to sandy soils with… Read More »

Irrigation Technology in Israel

Irrigation Technology in Israel Physiography —Area of 20,770 km2 —Population of about 6.0 million , 90% lives in urban areas and 10% in rural areas —Land is divisible into three longitudinal strips running from north to south, comprising a coastal plain, a long inland escarpment and a large desert area in the south. —Main river… Read More »