Water Resources Management In Drought Conditions

Water Resources Management In Draught Conditions

Water Resources Management Drought is a complex problem. The Solution depends on the pertinent information availability and the adopted decision models and criteria. Drought- A  natural  shortfall  of precipitation and water resources to levels that do not meet the uses established for normal conditions. Drought-An abnormal shortage of water or moisture and the problems of … Read more

Water Resources Management

Water Resources Management

Water Resources  Management Water is essential for socio-economic development and for maintaining healthy ecosystems. Properly managed water resources are a critical component of growth, poverty reduction and equity. The livelihoods of the poorest are critically associated with access to water services. Energy demand will more than double in poor and emerging economies in the next … Read more

Environmental Impacts Of Water Resource Projects and Transpiration


Environmental Impacts Of Water Resource Projects and Transpiration – Introduction 76%of total water is used by agriculture, 6.2% by power generation, 5.7% by the industries. Impacts of W.R.P. on the environment are quite diverse. The diversity may be due to varieties of resources and associated transformation of these resources. These impacts may be political, social, … Read more