Top 5 Tricky Interview Questions That Can Stump You

What did you do, why did you quit your job, how do you feel about overtime – this is usually how the dialogue with the recruiter is structured. But some employers want to dig deeper and go beyond the standard questions. Here’re the trickiest questions and suggested answers that will help work off objections.

You Don’t Have Much Experience, Can You Handle New Tasks?

This question is asked if your past experience does not fully cover all the responsibilities of the job. It’s worth emphasizing that you like to learn something new all the time and are ready to apply knowledge to work at the opportunity.

Tricky Interview Questions Quiz for Civil Engineers - Interview Questions for Civil Engineers
Tricky Interview Questions

Answer: “I am a quick learner and easy to understand on complex issues. I want to work for your company, so I am motivated to learn new responsibilities, and even new games at Play Amo won’t disturb me.”

Do You Feel That Your Salary Expectations Are Inflated?

Some employers ask this question to specifically bargain with a potential employee. It is better to object and make the argument that you are a high-level professional.

Answer: “I know and can do more than other professionals in this industry, so my salary expectations are higher.”

Won’t You Get Bored at Our Job?

If the employee has to perform routine tasks or the candidate has worked in a different field and has decided to change the type of activity, the future manager may ask this question.

Answer: “I have experience in this field, I’ve done well in the following tasks…”.

“I have had extensive training, have successfully completed tasks (be sure to give examples), and am confident that I am ideally suited for this position.”

What Kind of Outcome Can You Guarantee?

Giving an exact answer is difficult because the candidate is not yet familiar with the internal processes and cannot promise specific numbers, but it is necessary to show your expertise. To do this you should talk about your cases from a past project, listing the main achievements.

Answer: “Let me tell you about similar tasks that I performed in the last company, and the results of my work.”

Aren’t You Intimidated by the Challenges? We Have a Lot of Business Trips, Overwork, Dissatisfied Clients…

The employer wants to know about your weaknesses, whether you are ready for non-standard tasks and how much time you can devote to work as much as possible. The best way out is to find the positives in the challenges ahead.

Answer: “Business trips aren’t just a work meeting, they’re a whole journey. It’s just hard for me to sit in one place.”

“Overtime is an opportunity to gain experience and grow my career faster. That’s my goal for the next three years.”

“Unhappy customers can be made happy; I’m just learning techniques for dealing with difficult customers and would like to put them to work.”

Any interview is first and foremost a negotiation that can go awry. That is why it is important to prepare carefully for the meeting.