What skills should a real estate agent acquire?

The real estate industry offers a broad range of job opportunities, every one of which requires a certain set of skills. If you like to choose real estate as your career, you have to be familiar with its requirements.

A real estate agent can be of any background and personality, based on Condoly, a real estate company offering condo assignment deals in Canada.

What skills should a real estate agent acquire
What skills should a real estate agent acquire (Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/rgJ1J8SDEAY)

However, you’d better have or acquire the following skills if you want to reach success as a real estate agent.

Communications skills

Communication is central to reaching success for every real estate agent. Real estate agents must be a good communicator to be able to keep in touch with customers.

Here are several top communication skills which work miracles in the real estate industry:


The first condition for being a good communicator is to be a good listener.

Body language

Nonverbal communication is of great use when you are talking to a customer. Your body language, including eye contact and hand gestures, are all effective to convey the message better.

The friendly tone of voice

You need to keep your communication at a personal level while you’re polite in all your official communications.

Both your face-to-face and a written communication should be as friendly as possible. This is also important when you’re negotiating with your colleagues to make them believe they are part of your stories.


Another important factor when communicating as a real estate agent is to empathize you’re your customers. For example, when you say, “I understand your situation,” you’re showing that you are considering their conditions in the deal.


Whatever your customers say, you need to be respectful and avoid responding to them in a rude manner. Remember that “The customer is always right.”

Managing skills

One of the most important matters in every career is the ability to manage. As a real estate agent, you’ll face many difficult situations in which you need to work with several clients simultaneously.

You need to have the ability to manage these situations and collaborate with each client appropriately. Keep in mind that buying/renting a home has a complicated procedure, so you have to organize all the tasks properly to avoid any mistakes.

Last but not least is time management. Remember that you won’t be a good agent if you can’t manage your time.

Learning skills

You can’t expect to become a good real estate agent unless you are a good learner. In the world of real estate, you’ll face a new trend every day, and you need to be ready for them. So you don’t have a chance unless you constantly learn new skills.

Here are several examples of what you need to update your information about:

Software programs and online tools

Fortunately, there is a tool for everything out there. If you want to be a good real estate agent, you have to know the most recent tools for your career.

Marketing tools, website builders, real estate CRM software, listing tools, Office, project management tools, and many other applications can greatly help you improve your efficiency.

Building architecture, urban design, and facility

Although you’re an agent, you need to have considerable knowledge of construction, design, art, facilities, and architecture. In fact, when you’re speaking to a customer, you have to use this information to encourage them that the project is of great quality.

Financial analysis

Remember that your final goal is to make money, so you have to be good at financial analysis. As you know, real estate is constantly fluctuating, and you have to be ready for every situation.

For example, the outbreak of the coronavirus has hardly hit the market across the world. So if you can’t analyze the financial circumstances and anticipate the future of the market, you’ll face trouble.

Marketing skills

As a real estate agent, you always need to reach out to new audiences and market your business. So you have to learn modern marketing skills to get ahead of the competition. 

Here are three top skills in this regard:

Digital marketing

Digital marketing is now the most prevalent means of brand awareness and increasing sales. If you want to keep in touch with your previous customers or reaching out to new ones, digital marketing is a must for you.

In particular, social media marketing is becoming more and more popular among marketers, especially real estate agents. That’s why many businesses are using social media escrow services to get a social media account that has lots of followers. In fact, the competition is so hot that it is difficult to start a new account on social media and reach success soon.

So it is of paramount importance to learn social media marketing to build your brand identity and increase your sales.

Content marketing

Another marketing skill you need to acquire is content generation. Content is king in the world of digital marketing. You have to make search engines believe that you’re a niche thought leader to put your site on the first page.

Of course, there are various types of content, and nowadays, video content is number one. Try to learn video editing tools to be able to perform video marketing and reach maximum exposure on the internet.


The real estate industry is an ever-changing field, and you need to be updated every day. Several important skills were mentioned above, and you can search for more details yourself. Bear in mind that top people in every field are always learning, and agents are no exception.