Who is Competent to Testify as a Building Professional Witness?

Disputes will inevitably arise during a construction project. Litigation often results from unresolved disputes. Engaging a highly experienced professional to provide expert testimony when legal issues arise concerning relevant construction matters is often necessary.

What are the qualifications of a construction expert witness?

The following discussion will examine the qualifications necessary to qualify as a construction delay expert.

Standardization in the industry

One of the major problems with expert qualifications in construction delays is the lack of a precise standard of care. Contrary to the standards for surgeons, attorneys, and engineers, there is no industry-wide standard of practice for analyzing and planning construction delays.
Construction delay experts are not necessarily individuals who are licensed as engineers, planners, architects, engineers, or general contractors.

Education and training

Some associations and schools offer formal training in scheduling and delay analysis, but the area has no accepted curriculum or set requirements for a recognized certification as a construction delay expert. As a result, there is no such thing as “formal training” in this area.

The following qualifications are also required:

An individual with extensive experience and knowledge of the construction industry, including:

  • Delays in construction
  • Compliance with building codes
  • Costs associated with construction
  • Deficiencies in construction
  • Expert witnesses should be excellent communicators. He must present well in front of the panel by clarifying technical knowledge in a way they can understand.
  • An expert witness in the construction field must be knowledgeable and up-to-date regarding methods, processes, materials used, and relevant laws, regulations, and standards pertinent to the case.
  • It is appropriate for him to practice in the field in which he is an expert.
  • Additionally, he may be a tutor who has trained others in building examination.
  • Expert witnesses may be published authors of guidelines and peer reviews in their respective fields.

Expert Witness Experience

Construction expert witnesses may have a variety of backgrounds. Due to the concerns that lawyers have regarding how their witnesses will be viewed on the stand and how their testimony will be received, it is customary for lawyers to select witnesses with extensive qualifications.

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The ideal qualifications include construction knowledge and experience, as well as experience as an expert witness in other cases, since people who are used to testifying tend to do so more effectively.
A highly experienced contractor can serve as a construction expert witness, usually, one who supervises and owns the company in question. It is also possible to hire experienced supervisors and other construction industry professionals.


Lawyers are meticulous in selecting witnesses with impeccable credentials and experience to ensure that the testimony will be successful and that the jury will accept the witness as credible. Contacting a professional Construction Witness Service is the first line of defense if you are in dispute with your builder or tradesman.