Why Does Your Business Need a Proxy Server?

That’s an absolute yes! 

Running a business is not an easy-peasy job. You will have to be very cautious about your job and protect all kinds of information regarding it. To do this, you will need the help of a Proxy.

A proxy server seems to act as security by keeping an eye on how things work between multiple servers. It does not allow any unauthorised server to get hold of your information that can cause you trouble. Safeguarding your company’s data is as significant as running a business. Proxies protect the communicated data between the servers by encrypting it.

As the cyber crime rates keep increasing in today’s world, you have to implement stricter security measures to protect your data. Keep reading to know more about why a proxy is important for your business.

Proxy Server
Proxy Server

What is a Proxy?

A proxy acts as an intermediary between your company data and the Internet. Any requests that arise goes through the proxy server instead of directly leading to the browsing destination. A proxy also tends to allow access to details that are only needed to be shared.

The proxy stops you from releasing your personal details as in your geographical location, IP address, and other confidential information from your company. The proxy totally takes care of your business as its own. Having a proxy server makes the requests not reach you directly. It filters the unwanted. 

Any web requests first go through the proxy server and only after making sure that it is authorised that it will reach your website. That is how a proxy server works.

Various Kinds of Proxy

Now that you understand the proxy and its working mechanism, you have to know about the copious amount of proxy as well. A proxy does not stop in one kind. Here are a few different types of proxies listed below.

  • Forward Proxy
  • Reverse Proxy
  • Transparent Proxy
  • Anonymous Proxy
  • Residential Proxy

Forward Proxy:

Almost all proxies tend to be forward proxies. They act as a gateway between the external server and your network. It undergoes all actions before forwarding the request to your server. It clearly analyses a web request before forwarding it to the main server. 

Reverse Proxy:

A reverse proxy is common among large websites. Such sites tend to have numerous internal sources. A reverse proxy acts as an intermediary between the external server and the numerous other internal sources. 

The reverse proxy first analyzes the issue properly and then relays the request to the company’s server.

Examples of a few reverse proxies would be:

  • Squid
  • Varnish

Transparent Proxy:

The transparent proxy is also known as forged proxy, inline proxy and intercepting proxies. Unlike other proxies, the transparent proxy does not tend to protect the IP address of your business server. 

It fails to remain anonymous and can easily be tracked by an HTTP header. Although it fails to protect the IP Address of the company server, people still tend to use it for their website. 

Anonymous Proxy:

An anonymous proxy seems to be the best. It does not reveal the original IP address of a server unless you want it to. It maintains anonymity, making it difficult for the other server to track down your IP address. 

Residential Proxy:

A residential proxy uses real IP addresses of real residential areas. If you want your business to be located on a specific address, you can use an ISP proxy to mask your current IP address with an address from that area.

Benefits of Using A Proxy Server

A lot of people don’t use a proxy server as they remain unaware of the benefits of using one. Using a proxy server has got innumerable benefits for your business. Here are some of those benefits mentioned and explained. 

  • Stay Anonymous
  • Load a page at the speed of Lightning
  • Gain access to blocked sites
  • Updated Security

Stay Anonymous

The proxy server allows you to stay anonymous. It is important to protect your personal information and stay anonymous in the business world. Any leakage of information about the company is not good for the business. 

The proxy server does not allow an external server to look into the original IP address of your company website. Only the IP address of the proxy generated will be visible to the external server. In this way, they cannot gain access to your browsing history, location and any other confidential information. 

Load A Page at the Speed of Lightning

With the aid of a proxy server in your business, you get to load slow pages that take a lot of time to load at the speed of lightning. A good proxy server allows you to load a page quickly and instantly. But to do that, it is required that the page is visited at least once. 

After the first visit, the proxy server optimizes everything to make your web page load faster for previous visitors. The proxy server also remembers the IP address of the visitor during the first visit. If the same IP address accesses the proxy server, the loading speed of the pages will be faster.

Gain Access to Blocked Sites

If you don’t stop at dead ends, a proxy server will definitely suit your attitude for your business. With a proxy server, one gets to have access to pages that are blocked. Most of the pages are blocked or restricted due to their geographical location.

But proxies do not stop there. Proxies give you access to the restricted content and sites wherever you are in the world. 

Updated Security

Using a proxy server is like having an upgraded level of security in your company website. The updated security sees to it that the company data is encrypted and allows access only to those with proper authorisation. 

Restrictions to important and private data of the company can be set on your proxy server. Thus, restricting one from gaining total access to every detail of the company. 


A proxy server helps in protecting confidential company data and allows access only after undergoing proper authorisation methods. Certain proxy servers tend to have two-step and three-step Authorisation as well. 

Most importantly, it is necessary that one uses a paid proxy server rather than a free proxy server because they offer legitimate security of your business data. If you use a free public proxy to safeguard your data, you’re not entirely safe because the proxy server host can still track your web usage.

Best of luck in finding the right proxy for your business!