Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures 2

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Which of the following stress-strain curves are usually used to idealize behavior of concrete?

2. In a balanced reinforced beam, the ratio of steel to concrete is in such a way that, strain in both the materials reach maximum simultaneously.
3. Limit state method of design is a
4. Which of the following method of designing beam provides sufficient alarming deflection before failure?

Failure mode of an over reinforced beam is ____________ in nature.

6. At ultimate moment of resistance,
7. Usually, maximum strain in concrete is assumed to be,
8. In a simply supported beam with a point load at mid span,

simply supported beam with point load
9. Maximum depth of neutral axis in design of a RC beam is restricted in-order to
10. Limiting tensile reinforcement for a section is obtained by equating Compression to Tension.

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