Fluid mechanics and statics

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1. A vertical triangular plane area  submerged in water ,with one side in the free surface, vertex downward and altitude 'h' has the pressure centre below the free surface by
2. If, for a fluid in motion, pressure at a point is same in all the directions , then fluid is
4. In a barometer, mercury is preferred over water because
5. When pressure is measured either above or below the atmospheric pressure, it is known as
6. If the pressure of a fluid is below the atmospheric pressure , its designated as
7. The centre of pressure of a liquid on a plane surface immersed vertically in a static body of liquid, always  lies below the centroid of the surface area, because
8. At sea level under normal conditions the equivalent value of the atmospheric pressure is
9. For a fluid at rest,

10. Barometer is used to measure

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