General Civil Engineering Questions Part E

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1. Cohesion in soil
2. The toughness index of clayey soils is given by
3. The ordinate of the Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph (IUH) of a catchment at any time t, is
4. For an anisotropic soil, permeabilities in x and y directions are  kx and ky respectively in a two dimensional flow. The effective permeability kcll for the soil is given by
5. Consolidation in soils

The sequent depth ratio of a hydraulic jump in a rectangular horizontal channel is 10.30. The Froude Number at the beginning of the jump is

7. In a steady radial flow into an intake, the velocity is found to vary as 1/r^2 , where r is the radial distance. The acceleration of the flow is proportional to
8. In an iceberg, 15% of the volume projects above the sea surface. It the specific weight of sea water is 10.5 kN/m3, the specific weight of iceberg in kN/m3 is

Principle involved in the relationship between submerged unit weight and saturated weight of a soil is based on

10. An isochrones is a line on the basin map

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