Interview Questions for Structural Engineers 1

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1. Where is the slope maximum for a cantilever beam?
2. Which of the following causes deflection in beams?
3. Of the parameters which determine deflection, which has the greatest effect when changed?
4. Beams carrying or supporting brittle finishes like Brick-works will have stringent deflection criteria. True or False!
5. For a simple span beam with 1/3 point loading, where would the approximate location of the maximum deflection be?

At a fixed end condition, what is the slope of the elastic curve of the member?

7. Maximum Deflection always located at the point of maximum moment. True or False!

The maximum deflection for a simply supported, asymmetrically loaded beam is always located at:

9. Code limits on deflection of beams are generally based on what type of criteria?
10. What additional information beyond the moment diagram is needed to calculate slope or deflection?

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