Interview Questions for Structural Engineers

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What values need to be multiplied with the areas of the moment diagram in order to calculate the angle of the elastic curve and the deflection value?


When is the Euler Formula valid for determining buckling?


The calculation of deflection in beams is primarily performed to anticipate which type of structural problems?


Which beam has the greater center line deflection? The two beams at the right have the same span, section and uniform loading.


For the loading shown below, where will the deflection be equal to zero?

Cantilever Beam with point Load


What three factors affect a structural member’s stiffness?


Which of the following statements about cantilever beams is true?


Can the diagram method of analysis be used to determine the value of the deflection for a simply supported beam that is not symmetrically loaded?


In all simple beams, the point of zero slope is the point of maximum deflection. True or False?


For a simply supported symmetrically loaded beam, where is the maximum slope of the elastic curve?

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