Reinforced Concrete Beam Concepts

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1. Aggregate for making concrete is intentionally varied in size. Why?
2. In the illustration what is being tested?

Tensile strength of concrete
3. In a simple span concrete beam, flexural steel is placed near the?
4. In concrete design, f’c represents?

If a reinforced concrete section was designed to be over reinforced, what would be the mode of failure?


Which placement of the principle reinforcement would be best suited for the cantilever beam at mid-span?

7. In determining the nominal strength of concrete (fc’), for how long is the test cylinder cured?
8. Higher water/cement ratio of a cement mix makes weaker concrete?True or False
9. A higher the value for f’c in concrete will yield a higher the E modulus. True or False
10. An “under-reinforced” section is one in which?
11. The concrete could fail explosively in

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