Simple Stresses and Strains II

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1. For mild steel, the lower yield point is more significant than the upper yield point because
2. The modulus of elasticity of high tensile steel is
3. In an experiment, it is found that the bulk modulus of a material is equal to its shear modulus. The Poisson’s ratio is
4. Consider the following factors :
Large number of loading cycles 2) Large variation in stress 3) Large stress concentrations
Those associated with fatigue failure include
5. A cast iron block is 5cm2 cross-section carries an axial tension load of 10t. The maximum axial stress in the block is given by
6. For engineering materials, Poisson’s ration lies between
7. The shear modulus of most materials with respect to the module of elasticity is
8. As soon as the external forces causing deformation in a perfectly elastic body are withdrawn, the elastic deformation disappears
9. The number of elastic constants for an isotropic elastic, material following Hooke’s law is:
10. As compared to mild steel ,high carbon steel has less

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