Design of Prestressed Concrete Part 2

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1. High strength concrete is used for pre-stressed concrete because of
2. Hoyer system is not suitable for pre-tensioned members.
3. In limit-state of design of prestressed concrete, which of the following strain distribution is assumed?
4. TO manufacture concrete sleepers, which of the following method is used?
5. Which of the following systems are used as anchorage for post-tensioning?
6. Ultimate moment capacity of pre-stressed concrete beam depends on
7. Loss of prestress in concrete due to shrinkage does not depend on
8. Under self-weight, a balanced prestressed crossection is subjected to
9. Stress at the bottom edge of a simply supported beam corresponding to the cracking moment is called
10. When the resultant compression is located within a kern zone of a section, tensile stress at bottom fiber

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