Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures (IS456 Recommendations) Part 2

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1. As per IS456, for spans upto 10m, span to depth ratio for a simply supported beam shall not be greater than,
2. Maximum allowable deflection under serviceability condition under temperature, creep and shrinkage for a beam should be
3. Maximum compressive strain in concrete in axial compression = _______ in Limit state of collapse
4. Minimum eccentricity to be considered for the design of columns =
5. For columns under bi-axial bending, maximum interaction ratio should be

Maximum distance between main reinforcement in slabs shall not be greater than ________ as per IS456

7. Which of the following statements are true, As per IS456 maximum spacing of shrinkage/temperature reinforcement in a slab,
8. Which of the following statements are true as per IS456, Effective span for the design of beam shall be lesser of
9. As per IS 456, effective depth of a beam with two layers of reinforcement is the distance between the extreme compression fiber to
10. Minimum area of reinforcement for a concrete column as per IS 456 =
11. As per IS456, area of longitudinal reinforcement in a column shall not exceed

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