General Civil Engineering Questions Part D

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1. For a fixed beam with span L, having plastic moment capacity of Mp, the ultimate central concentrated load will be
2. The values of liquid limit and plasticity index for soils having common geological origin in a restricted locality usually define
3. In reinforced concrete, pedestal is defined as compression member, whose effective length does not exceed its dimension by
4. A steel beam supporting loads from the floor slab as well as from wall is termed as
5. The problem of lateral buckling can arise only in those steel beams which have
6. The characteristic strength of concrete is defined as that compressive strength below which not more than
7. In section, shear centre is a point through which, if the resultant load passes, the section will not be subjected to any
8. Two perpendicular axes x and y of a section are called principal axes when
9. The minimum area of tension reinforcement in a beam shall be greater than
10. Maximum strain at the level of compression steel for a rectangular section having effective cover to compression steel as d and neutral axis depth from compression face xu is

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