Steel Construction Part B

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1. When a column buckles under an axial load, Stress in column cross-section =
2. Which of the following is not a Serviceability Limit State in design?
3. Which of the following section will have highest moment capacity?
4. The basic premise of the elastic design method is that the attainment of the yield stress at any point in a structure marks the end of acceptable behavior, any further increase in stress will lead to permanent strain in the material.
5. Where steel beams support concrete slabs a reduction in steel beam weight is possible by interconnecting beam and slab. The resulting two-material beam is known as a _____________.
6. When the buckling stress is greater than the yield stress the maximum load that the strut can carry =
7. Slenderness of a member depends on

If material has infinite strength, characteristic Euler Stress at zero slenderness ratio =

9. Where a beam is provided with inadequate lateral restraint or has inadequate lateral stiffness it will fail, this is called

Which of the following is not an Ultimate Limit State in design?

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