Quantity Survey Quiz Part A – Estimation and Costing

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With respect to plant component ratio method of estimation total project cost (TCP) is given by

ET = total estimated equipment cost
PT = sum of percentage of other items

In estimation, Panel method is an example of

Which of the following methods uses the concept of proportionate equipment cost

Correct unit for calculation DPC ( Damp Proof Course) is

In estimation cost capacity factor approach is also called

Best suited estimate for a warehouse with similar structural frames is

Most versatile method for conceptual estimation is

Plant cost factor Or multiplier factor is sometines called as

Which of the following quality is not essential to be a good estimator

Cost of a school building for 1200 students in a certain city was found to be 8 crore rupees. According to comparative cost of structure method the cost of a school in same city for 800 students will be

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Accurately estimating construction costs is the key to bid effectively and to run a project. When you start, you have so many questions in mind, and one bad estimate can make you lose the project or set you back. That’s why we have listed for you best construction cost estimating quizzes. These quizzes will help you get close to the industrial rates, standards, and will give you estimates of the costs. You can review those numbers to add a nearly-precise estimate while you bid on a project.

RC Beam Column Building
RC Beam Column Building