Quantity Survey Quiz Part B – Estimation and Costing

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Correct unit for 'cost index' is

A room sized 5m × 3m is to be plastered (12mm) in cement mortar. Estimate the number of masons required to finish the work in 2 days

Room consists of
1door = 2m×1m 
1window = 1.5m×1m
Room height is 3.5m

What will be the earthwork required in excavation for the following plan as per long wall-short wall method

In terms of estimating labour cost which of the following factor is taken minimum value

For estimation of the best suitable choice of an equipment which of the following is NOT of relevant importance as compared to others

While estimating labour cost, the labour rate is

In estimation, Which of the following is NOT an use of cost index

Consider the following relationships considering cost index

Relation 1 - New cost/ New index = Historical cost / Historical index

Relation 2 - New cost × Historical cost = New index × Historical index

While estimating labour cost for unit work in estimation, the weather adjustment factor is taken as

In estimation, the use of cost indexing is to

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