British Method of Mix Proportioning

British Method of Mix Proportioning

Current method of mix design of concrete is that revised by Dept. of environment (UK) in 1988. British Method recognizes the durability requirements of mix selection. The design is applicable to normal weight concrete made with Portland Cement only or Blast furnace slag/fly ash. Refer the ppt attached for step by step process in the mix design.
British Method Of Mix Proportioning
British Method Of Mix Proportioning

Step 1 – Determination of  free w/c ratio in relation to compressive strength

Step 2 – Determination of water content

Step 3 – Determination of Cement content

Step 4– Determination of Total Aggregate content

Step 5 – Fine and Coarse Aggregate Content

Limitations of British Method

This method is based on the characteristics of the materials available in UK.
Hence it may not be applicable to other parts of the world
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