Geotechnical Engineering Project Topics List 3

Geotechnical Engineering Project Topics List 2

Find latest and state of the art topics for civil engineering Projects, Seminars, Dissertations and Presentations on Geotechnical Engineering. brings you series of uncommon and exclusive civil engineering project topics. Selecting the right project topic has a major impact on your career. Choosing civil engineering project topic can be crucial step in your career path. If you don’t want to do much work and you are only after the degree, please excuse, these are not the right topics for you. You better google it.

Geotechnical Engineering Part 3A

  1. Strength Reduction Technique for Non-Linear Failure Criterion
  2. Study on Stress-Strain Behavior of Cohesive Soil Mixing with Gravel by Triaxial Test
  3. Study on the Disturbed Zone of High Red Bed Accumulation Slope by Numerical Simulation
  4. Numerical Analysis for the Excavation of Geotechnical Material in Tunnel and Grouting Effect
  5. Mechanical Properties Analysis of Heat Insulation Structure in High Temperature Circular Roadway
  6. Geology Analysis and Support Scheme Design in Soft Rock Coal Mine
  7. The Determination of Foundation Force Modulus Coefficient in the Pile and Soil Interaction
  8. Coulomb-Cam Model for Dilatancy and Work-Softening of Sand
  9. Contrastive Studies of the Testing Method for the Bearing Capacity and Deformation
  10. Modulus of Dynamic Consolidation Backfill Foundation
Sub Surface Irrigation
Sub Surface Irrigation

If you talk to professionals, they will say that the first question that is going to be asked to you if you attend an interview as a fresher, will be about your civil project topic. It is very important to select the apt civil engineering project topic because you are going to a lot of research on the topic that you are going to select. You might be selecting your field of study for higher studies based on this topic. Sometimes the project topic decides your favorite civil engineering subject.

Geotechnical Engineering Part 3B

  1. Correlation Analysis Between the Treating Depth of PVD and the Subsidence of Soft Ground Foundation of Expressway
  2. A Practical Saturated Sand Elastic-Plastic Dynamic Constitutive Model and Application
  3. Influence of Matric Suction on Shear Strength Behavior of Unsaturated Silty Sand
  4. Study on Mine Shaft Liner Breaking Mechanism and Application of Monitoring System in Deep and Thick Overburden
  5. Stability Analysis of Landfill Liner System Based on Numerical Simulation
  6. Analysis of Dilatancy Effect when Mortar Bolt Interface Destroying
  7. Analysis of Monitoring and Measurement for Heishan Tunnel
  8. Study the Application of PHC Piles to Treat Collapsible Loess Soils
  9. Lateral Load Distribution of Articulated Hollow Slab Beam Bridge Strengthened by Transverse Prestressed Force
  10. Research on Supporting Technology of Roadway Driving along Next Goaf of Second Mining Strip Pillar
  11. Pullout Tests Study on Performance of Interface between Geogrid and Soil
  12. see more topics on geo-technical engineering


If you are confused about the topic that need to be selected, it is because you are unable to understand your expert topic. Select a topic in which you have a good base and catch. Then select a specialized topic out of it, after discussing with your guide. You cannot learn a lot by doing the project if you don’t have a strong and motivating guide.