ACI Mix Design Practical Example

ACI Mix Design Practical Example

Consider the following example: The 28-day compressive
strength should be 7,000 psi. The slump should be
between 3 and 4 in. and the maximum aggregate size
should not exceed ¾ in. The coarse and fine aggregates in
the storage bins are wet.

The properties of the materials are as follows:

Cement : Type I, specific gravity = 3.15

Coarse Aggregate: Bulk specific gravity (SSD) = 2.65; absorption
capacity = 0.5%; dry-rodded unit weight = 100 lb./ft.3
surface moisture = 1%

Fine Aggregate: Bulk specific gravity (SSD) = 2.60; absorption
capacity = 1.1%; fineness modulus = 2.70;
surface moisture = 3.0%

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