Irrigation Engineering Quiz Part B – Interview Questions

Water Resources  Management Water is essential for socio-economic development and for maintaining healthy ecosystems. Properly managed water resources are a critical component of growth, poverty reduction and equity.  Irrigation engineering Quiz is an important aspect of Water Resources engineering.

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Fields enclosed by dykes where rice is grown is called
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Ganga canal was completed in the year
The ratio of the number of days the can has actually run to the number of days of irrigation period is called
The seepage of water through the body and foundation of water is called
The first watering before soawing a crop in the field is called
The ratio of mean supply discharge to fully supply of a canal is called
If there is a roadway passed over the top of the dam, the dam preferred is
What is provided in the longitudinal joints to permit the transfer of Shearing stress from one block to other in dam construction
The most ancient gravity dam was built in
In dams the height between two successive horizontal joints is known as

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Around 20% water delivered is lost in distribution channels, 60% of water used for irrigation is applied using high volume, gravity irrigation methods, that is around 10-15% of water applied to crop is lost through over watering.

Irrigation Engineering Quiz
Irrigation Engineering Quiz