Irrigation Engineering Quiz Part A – Interview Questions

Water Resources  Management Water is essential for socio-economic development and for maintaining healthy ecosystems. Properly managed water resources are a critical component of growth, poverty reduction and equity.  Irrigation engineering Quiz is an important aspect of Water Resources engineering.

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When elaborate under drainage arrangements cannot be provided , and the soil at the base of canal is sandy , the material preferred for lining will be

The appropriate life of a tube well in India is of the order

The cross section of natural silt transporting channels tend to have a shape of

Permanent wilting point moisture content for a crop represents

Counter berms are provided in an irrigation cannal to

The performance of a well is measured by its

The force exerted by the flowing water on sediment particles to cause motion is called

The factor which is not primarily responsible for meandering in an alluvial river is

Salinity of irrigation water is measured by

The gross irrigated area cannot exceed the cultivable command area

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Around 20% water delivered is lost in distribution channels, 60% of water used for irrigation is applied using high volume, gravity irrigation methods, that is around 10-15% of water applied to crop is lost through over watering.

Irrigation Engineering Quiz
Irrigation Engineering Quiz