—Infiltration: process by which water enters the soil surfaceInfiltration

Infiltration capacity:  maximum rate at which water can enter the soil

Infiltration Capacity

Some Important Soil Characteristics

Darcy’s Law (1856)

Hydraulic Conductivity in Soils

Infiltration by Horton’s method

Infiltration indices

An average constant value of infiltration is called infiltration index.

Two types of infiltration indices are commonly used.-index

1. f   -index

2. w –index

Management Impacts

How to Measure Infiltration?

—Double-ring infiltrometer
—Disc Permeameter and Tension Infiltrometer

Multiple Intensities

Intensity – Infiltration

Factors which affect infiltration

—Soil type
—Initial soil moisture content
—Quality of water
—Biological factors


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