Chambal River

Chambal River

Chambal River
Chambal River


—The ancient name of Chambal was “Charmanvati”. —Meaning of Charmanvati is the river on whose banks leather is dried.


  • —Located in the eastern Rajasthan.
  • —Its origin lies at a height of 843m


The mean annual rainfall over chambal basin is computed as 797mm, of which 93% falls in the monsoon season.

Chambal Valley Projects

  • Gandhi Sagar Dam
  • Rana Pratap Sagar Dam
  • Jawahar Sagar Dam
  • Kota Barrage

Tributaries of  chambal river

Chambal Basin

Canal System

1. Right Main Canal- 372km long(124km in Rajasthan  and rest in MP).

Irrigation Benifits

1.Rana Pratap Sagar Dam- 65,657ha in MP and 43,082ha in Rajasthan.

National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary

Recommendations With Respect To Hydrology