Formwork & Concrete Formwork | Shuttering

Definition of Formwork

Concrete Formwork can be define as a mould or box that is being poured with concrete and compacted to take the mould or box shape. Usually, form-works are temporary structures which are removed once the concrete is cured or after specified striking time.

Function of Formwork

Major functions of form-works are as follows

  • To support the weight of concrete
  • To mould the concrete into the mould or box shape
Roof Slab Formwork
Slab Concrete Formwork

Design consideration for Shuttering

While designing a form-work, following considerations are to be given in procurement and design.
  1. Lifting equipment
  2. Material
  3. Decorative
  4. Labor and material cost
  5. Safety

Why choosing Shuttering

There are several factor that decide what kind of shuttering is to be used at site some of them are as follows
  • Easy to be move and prefix
  • Can be re-use
  • Uniformly finishing
  • Method of lifting
  • Labor and material  (availability)
  • Fixing requirement

Type of Shuttering

Depending on the type of structure, following formworks are widely used for construction
Foundation shuttering
Column shuttering
Beam shuttering
Slab formwork

Cause of Shuttering failure

The main cause of shuttering failure are:

Improper stripping and shore removal
Inadequate bracing
Lack of attention to shuttering details
Inadequate control of concrete placement

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