Water Security Under Uncertainity Conditions

Water Security Under Uncertainity Conditions

Water Security Under Uncertainity Conditions Why It Is Needed Water is essential for life. People, animals, and plants all need water to live and to grow. If people do not have enough water for their daily needs, they face hardship and serious illnesses. And if the available water is not safe  because it is contaminated … Read more

Structural Cracks and Classifications

structural cracks

Structural Cracks and Classifications A crack in a structural member introduces local flexibility that would affect vibration response of the structure. This property  may be used to detect existence of a crack together its location and depth in the structural member. The presence of a crack in a structural member alters the local compliance that … Read more

Vibration Analysis of Structures

model hammer

courtesy:Govardhana Rao Introduction to Vibration Analysis of Structures Civil engineering structures are always designed to carry their own dead weight, superimposed loads and environmental loads such as wind or waves. These loads are usually treated as maximum loads not varying with time and hence as static loads. In some cases, the applied load involves not … Read more

The Dynamic Analysis Of Structures

Dynamic analysis

Dynamic Analysis Of Structures Introduction to Dynamic Analysis Of Structures All real physical structures, when subjected to loads or displacements, behave dynamically.  The additional inertia forces, from Newton’s second law, are equal to the mass times the acceleration.  If the loads or displacements are applied very slowly then the inertia forces can be neglected and … Read more

Structural Dynamics and Degree of Freedom


Structural dynamics and earthquake engineering 1. Define the concept of dynamic degree of freedom. Give some examples of single degree of freedom systems and multi degree of freedom systems. Answer: Dynamic degrees of freedom are a set of independent displacements/rotations that completely define the displaced position of the mass with respect to its initial position. … Read more

Building a Green Capital City – City of Madison

Building a Green Capital City: The Natural Step to Madison’s Sustainable Design and Energy Future The City of Madison, WI launched a program in 2004 to become a green capital city and a leader in sustainable design and energy. The city is leading by example and encouraging businesses and residents to follow suit. Madison adopted … Read more

Building a Green Future – Green Buildings

Building a Green Future – Green Buildings Green Buildings, Finding ways to stimulate demand for new, more environmentally friendly buildings, power facilities and factories will deliver significant environmental benefits. At the same time, investing in new public infrastructure will ease pollution-causing traffic congestion and ensure safe and healthy supplies of drinking water for decades to … Read more

Concrete, Masonry Construction and Formwork

Concrete, Masonry Construction, and Formwork This section sets forth the requirements for concrete, masonry construction, and formwork. It specifically addresses plant and equipment, concrete conveyance systems, reinforcing steel, surface preparation, formwork and falsework, vertical shoring, tubular welded frame shoring, tube and coupler shoring, single-post shores, vertical slip forms, releasing and moving forms, precast concrete, lift-slab, … Read more